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Transfer iOS app to another account ...

Many situations necessitate transferring an app to a different account. Takeovers, Mergers or Handovers to name a few. It used to be a nightmare at one point but staring June 2013, Apple made it possible for developers to transfer the ownership of iOS apps. This news has brought with an… more


Internet Marketing - Infusionsoft - API

Internet Marketing has always been taking a different dimension with each passing phase. All the time the marketing minds keep coming up with various ways of pushing the limits to make the next sale better than previous one. Though there have been many competing products keep surfacing that plugs various… more


JSON Visual Parser

Here’s a cool tool that you can use to parse your JSON results for free… more


Solved Centos 5.8 Error in php.ini

You could be experiencing this after the cpanel upgrade and here’s how we got this addressed. This was throwing the crons out of gear as well. You need root access on SSH on the server. [root@host]~ >> php blah.php PHP: Error parsing /usr/local/lib/php.ini on line 793 Open the file /usr/local/lib/php.ini… more


What motivates us? The surprising truth

Have you wondered what motivates us? Watch this video, it might certainly tell you the secret. Well, lot of us don’t believe this – which is why we’re a lot But truly though, the purpose and the mastery seem to overtake a lot of other material concepts.… more


We're hiring

Over the next week, we’ll be reviewing the applications that were sent at and shortlisting candidates. Please apply using the form and refer your friends. More details on the link provided above. We’ll be finalizing the hiring process as soon as possible and move on to the ramp up… more


IP to Location

Most occasions we depend on certain web services that pump so much of ads to support their interface. We built our own using the binary database maxmind has for free. We spiced it up with some map so that it’s more visual. We’ll be making that an optional feature controlled… more


Another update to the site

arroWebs website gets another update. We have added a host of new projects that we worked on as we crossed over to the new year. Please check out the What we’ve made section and explore the various things we’ve recently done.… more


Save MySQL!

If Oracle buys MySQL as part of Sun, database customers will pay the bill. In April 2009, Oracle announced that it had agreed to acquire Sun. Since Sun had acquired MySQL the previous year, this would mean that Oracle, the market leader for closed source databases, would get to own… more

Read gets a facelift

It’s been long time coming. There had been at least three attempts lately and they had to be shelved :(. We just keep our fingers crossed and hope that you all will continue to support us as you have always been. Do update your bookmarks as the site now moves… more