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Transfer iOS app to another account ...

Many situations necessitate transferring an app to a different account. Takeovers, Mergers or Handovers to name a few. It used to be a nightmare at one point but staring June 2013, Apple made it possible for developers to transfer the ownership of iOS apps. This news has brought with an… more


Solved Centos 5.8 Error in php.ini

You could be experiencing this after the cpanel upgrade and here’s how we got this addressed. This was throwing the crons out of gear as well. You need root access on SSH on the server.

[root@host]~ >> php blah.php
PHP: Error parsing /usr/local/lib/php.ini on line 793

Open the file /usr/local/lib/php.ini… more


Weird 500 internal server error on ...

The recent CentOS 5.x systems have mod_security built in and the 2.x doesn’t allow overriding it on .htaccess and this causes a lot of heartbreaks to folks that want some basic things done on wordpress and a lot of other software. This post deals with getting around it for wordpress.… more


Skype Startup Blues

Every time the cool skype gets an upgrade, the start-up nightmare starts. You start getting emails that complain about your online absence. Here’s how you can get over it. Start Skype. Go to Tools Options and Uncheck the option to Start skype when Windows starts and close.

You can restart… more